Organist post – Salwarpe & Hindlip with Martin Hussingtree

Salwarpe & Hindlip with Martin Hussingtree Parochial Church Council

The Parish of Salwarpe and Hindlip, with Martin Hussingtree in Worcestershire is seeking to appoint an Organist.The role covers playing at regular services at both Martin Hussingtree and Salwarpe Churches on most Sundays and at certain special services such as Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday during the year including two at Hindlip. Normal services alternate between the Churches and are timed at 8.30am and 10.00am. The organist is also required to play at weddings and funerals by arrangement with the families involved. The Parish is used to a high standard of music and the organist would be encouraged to rebuild a choir.

There are three organs, the smallest of which is Martin Hussingtree. This instrument was originally a Caliope Fairground Organ, but has been rebuilt in the last thirty years. It has 5 stops on the single manual, and one on the pedals. (pedal board is concave)

The middle organ is at Salwarpe. Built by Nicholsons of Worcester in the early Victorian era, it is a standard 8,4,2 great and 8,4 and Reed (oboe) swell, 16 ft bourdon pedal stop and couplers. The pedal board is flat, though the swell pedal is in the middle.

The largest and least used organ is in Hindlip Church. Again built by Nicholsons in 1881 by order of Lord Hindlip, it has three manuals, flat pedal board, side swell ratchet, 3 reeds (all 8ft), but is only used 2 or 3 times a year.

The annual fee payable for organist services is £2,500 payable at £208.33 monthly. The fee includes 5 weeks paid holiday. Any person who is interested in finding out further details of this important position in the parish of Salwarpe & Hindlip with Martin Hussingtree in Worcestershire should initially contact John Hughes on 01905 456442 or e-mail

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