Small but perfectly formed?

Although the weather was not kind on Saturday 20 September, dashing hopes of picnics on the grass outside All Saints, Evesham, a number of members and visitors enjoyed a very enlightening session with Rosemary Field, RSCM Deputy Director.

Come & Sing at Evesham

Come & Sing at Evesham

The Come  & Sing Evensong based around the 2004 Festival Book was attended by 17 people: St Mary’s, Oldswinford (adult and junior); Evesham; Bengeworth; St George’s, Kidderminster; and Amblecote. The small number attending were in receipt of invaluable guidance from Rosemary in relation to technique and good singing practice and after a lighthearted but well run rehearsal the assembled company sang a respectable evensong.

Discretion being the better part of valour meant discarding the Shepherd introit and Sanders responses but the Mawby psalm, Sumsion setting and Stanford anthem were well executed. There was some rearrangement of parts and unexpected changes driven by the numbers with the designated organist (William Peart) and yours truly becoming Altos for the day and Robin Walker taking the organist role.

On behalf of the Area Committee I would like to thank: Rosemary Field for her help and encouragement during the day; All Saints, Evesham for hosting the event and providing tea and coffee; William Peart and Robin Walker for playing; and most particularly those members an friends who turned up and sang.

Small? Yes, perfectly formed? Perhaps not. Enjoyable and enlightening? Without any shadow of a doubt!

Mark Wilson

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